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Before I sold my first company, I struggled for the first ten years in the business. Because I know the unique struggles of entrepreneurs at all levels, I can easily relate to their challenges and opportunities.  As evidenced by many testimonials, in one day I can transform the trajectory of an entrepreneur’s entire business. I can do this because I know EXACTLY what it takes to grow a top tier business from the ground up.  I know…because I’ve done it….3 times.

John's Well-Received Presentations

      ★      Virtual Culture – How to build remote teams…that produce
For business leaders who want the best talent, team virtualization and remote workforces are inevitable.   In the twenty-first century it is no longer necessary for everyone to be in the same physical location.  The best knowledge workers expect…no, demand flexibility in their work location.   In this presentation, John takes us into the details of his company ContentFirst.Marketing, a 21st century business with no offices, dozens of people and nearly zero turnover.

    • Hiring right, not everyone is a fit
    • Developing a culture of mutual respect and accountabliilty in an atmosphere of trust
    • Communications strategies for various styles
    • Building a task-oriented orgnanization

      ★      Measurable Results: How to eliminate wasted marketing spend
There is an old saying, “Half of marketing spend is wasted.  We just dont know which half.”   In this compelling presentation, John gets into each component of an effective marketing strategy, the key metrics and most importantly how to decide which programs to keep and which need to be retired.

    • Digital Presence – Its more than a pretty website
    • Lifetime value of a Customer, Client or Patient
    • Quick Leads vs Sustainable Leads – Which are right for your business
    • The most important metric – closed sales
    • Marketing Qualified Leads vs Sales Qualified Leads – Roles and Responsibilities
    • Reputation Managment  and the Net Promoter Score
    • When do I need to consider online Community Management?

      ★      Create Raving Fans Using Systems and Processes
This program gives entrepreneurs the easiest ways to “systematize the predictable’ which, in turn, creates exceptional and repeatable client experiences. This leads to more client referrals – the lifeblood of a successful business.

      ★      BE BIG – Your Brand Should be Bigger than You!
Most often overlooked in other trainings, building a unique brand message is a missing key to advisor success. John teaches how to articulate your value proposition, appear “BIG,” and create a winning sales formula, regardless of the size of your business.

      ★      …..and More

So if you would like John to teach your team how to reach your business goals and beyond, while building a firm that runs itself so they can enjoy the life of their dreams… then contact John Arnott today for your next event. You’ll be pleased you did.

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“Seeing other entrepreneurs grow their business and build a top tier company is my passion, and knowing I may have had an impact on their success is truly gratifying.

"My #1 Belief is that a business is supposed to be the catalyst that allows you to live the lifestyle you desire. A great business involves serving clients with absolute integrity, while providing you the time and freedom you work so hard to enjoy."