Three Ways to Embody Your Values

Three Ways to Embody Your Values
August 12th, 2020 0 Comments

As you learned in the previous posts, you are a leader in your business!

If you don’t embody the actions you want to see in others, you’ll lose employees and your business will suffer.

When you begin with yourself, you’re already establishing ways to embody those values.

Share your successful methods for building habits with your employees.

1. Share Your Story

Share the various methods you’ve tried that might work for other personality types.

Be a source of information to others, and encourage that they take time for themselves.

2. Stay Organized

Stay organized, take time for yourself. Make sure your employees know how to communicate with you.

Don’t just pay lip service to what you want. Make it happen. Act with enthusiasm.

3. Create Reminders

Everyone risks losing focus at one point or another, and if your values involve building new habits, you might fall off the wagon a time or two.

Check in with yourself regularly, and have a list of questions ready to help you consider your consistency.

  • Are you acting the way you want other members of your team to act?
  • Following those guidelines?
  • Keeping up with important habits?

Your reminders can also come from others. You and your business are continually developing.

Don’t be afraid to let your employees know this, because they most likely already do. Part of being a leader and encouraging others to develop is acknowledging your own faults.

Other members of your team will be relieved to hear you as a leader acknowledge that you realize your shortcomings and might need reminders.

It will be much easier for your employees than leaving them to silently see your shortcomings without feeling able to approach you about what you can do as a leader to help them.

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