Managing by the Numbers

Managing by the Numbers
November 19th, 2019 0 Comments

So how will all of this change how you do business, and do you really have the time?

Learn to Seek Trends

As you look at the financial data and metrics, remember to look with intention. In other words, just staring at numbers as they come in isn’t going to help you with anything.

It won’t make you a money person. It will just waste your time. Yes, you have to know how to read the numbers and you will benefit from that skill. But that still isn’t enough.

Your job as a business owner is to draw conclusions and decide what to do with those numbers. Knowing how to read the data can tell you more than just what has happened in the past.

Learn to look at the numbers as trends. What happened in the past, and what does that tell you about the overall movement of your business?

How have things changed from one quarter to the next, and what else was going on in your business and industry that caused those trends?

This is the kind of critical thinking that will determine the success of your company. From there, it’s easier to think about where your business is going.

You can interpret previous trends to come to conclusions about where your business is going. Then you can manage according to where you want your business to be going. The intention creates a clearer pathway.

Communicate With Your Employees

If you already have systems to communicate with your employees, this financial information and data analysis will make those systems even more efficient. Communication is essential to your company’s success, as you likely already understand. But just communicating that you want your business to do better in the future isn’t going to help your employees much.

Communicating your hopes through numbers will be much easier for your employees to follow. This also makes it easier to work together.

Your employees have specific metrics by which to report their progress back to you. Together, you’ll be able to go over the progress and point out the specific actions and branches of your team that have caused changes.

You can speak in specifics, instead of struggling to understand why your company is where it is and having to make difficult decisions without understanding what put you in that situation in the first place.

Begin by gathering the necessary knowledge. Become more informed of the basics of your financial health, how to read the numbers, and what those numbers are telling you. Surround yourself as much as possible with people you can trust.

You can extract a lot of useful information when you consult with people who have more experience and knowledge than you. This will help you gain confidence in the decisions you have to make as a business owner, and it will help you grow your company into the one you imagined when you first set out.

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